The Number One Most Valuable Trait…

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There is one attribute in our lives that ultimately defines who we are more than any other… 

Hard Work, perseverance, efficiency and effectiveness are 4 characteristics that we like to consistently champion here at the Daily Hustle, but even as important as these traits are when it comes to defining who we are in life, there is one other that reigns nacho supreme…

Drum roll please… 🥁 


A couple weeks ago I was scouring the interwebs for a morning Daily Hustle quote when I came across this gem from ultra endurance athlete, author & podcaster Rich Roll: 

“Consistency beats intensity. 
Consistency beats volume. 
Consistency beats passion. 
Consistency dictates results. 
Consistency is what defines character.” 

Here’s the deal, we can possess every amazing characteristic imaginable but if we are not consistent in displaying our positive character, our overall value as a human being is immediately compromised… 

We are all flawed but I also believe most of us have genuine redeeming qualities that have the potential to make this world a better place… The only question is how CONSISTENT we are in showing them.



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