Our 2 most precious resources…

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If you think about all of the resources we have available in life, it can become overwhelming trying to think of what possibly would be the two most precious…

Air, food, water, and love are the core four resources that we as human beings need in order to survive, but for the sake of the efficiency and effectiveness of this Daily Hustle, we are going to broaden it a bit.

Air, of course, allows us to breathe, food and water give us the fuel to be able to function, and love is what gives us our purpose and meaning of existence.

Looking a bit deeper, the core four actually gives us two things that undoubtedly would classify as the two most precious resources: 

  1. Time 
  2. Energy

Without time, we are dead. Without energy, we are useless. 

Knowing this, why would we ever give our time or our energy to people and things that don’t matter? So often, we spend our time and energy trying to please people and acquire things that will never positively impact our lives… 

Bottom line: Both time and energy are finite resources that have an expiration date… Until that date, so long as we are efficient and effective with our usage, we will have opportunities to make it to the next charging station and continue to ambush the journey of life… Yet, when we run out of energy we stop, and when we run out of time, we die.

Let’s make sure to protect both time and energy AT ALL COSTS.