3 Good Things…

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Just finished a book called The Happiness Advantage written by Shawn Achor and definitely could dedicate an entire week of Daily Hustle’s to this bad boy… 

The book explores 2 main questions:

  1. Is it our happiness that leads us to success?
  2. Do we only become happy as a result of our life achievements and prosperities? 

For our avid Daily Hustlers, we shouldn’t even have to think before answering the above questions:

  1. Yes
  2. No

We all know that joyfully immersing ourselves in our work is 100% what leads us to success and although achievement may bring temporary elation, the real award and sustained happiness is found within the process…

Ok, cool… This is obviously pretty elementary shit. 

The real question is what steps can we take to make sure we are genuinely happy, thus allowing us to embrace the moment which ultimately will produce successful life byproducts. 

Achor brought up a study where there were two groups of very similar people… One group went about their lives as normal and their subjective happiness levels were charted over a 1 week, 1 month, 6 month and 1 year span… 

The other group’s happiness was tracked and recorded over the same time period but each day this 2nd group had to write down 3 positive things that they had experienced over the past 24 hours.

No surprise, the 2nd group recorded significantly higher happiness levels and also outperformed the first group in several different life metrics… Why?

When we take the time to recognize the different positive things that happen in our lives, we simply attract more positive things by forcing ourselves to pay attention to their existence. 

We all deal with positive and negative things, but what we will eventually get more of has everything to do with which one we want to focus on… 

As soon as I read about the experiment, I immediately implemented writing “3 Good Things” into our family’s Daily Hustle routine… 

The more specific the better and these 3 good things that happened over the past 24 hours don’t have to be perceived as immediately life altering.

A typical “3 Good Things” list for me would look like this:

  1. Bulldogs sleeping on my head 🐶 
  2. 20 Mile Tahoe Trail banger 🏃 
  3. Tacos 🌮 

Overall, “happiness” is a complicated psychological and physiological state of being, but apparently sometimes achieving it can actually be pretty fucking simple and we might as well start with 3 good things… 



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