44 on 44

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Yesterday was my 44th BDay and I am very grateful to have made it to this point…

In many ways, life has been a flash and I sit here writing this wondering how 44 years have happened so quickly.

In other ways, I think back and reflect on many of the accumulated experiences during my time and it seems like it’s been an eternity.

Regardless, the past 44 years have been a series of ups and downs, but most importantly, through all of it, I have been incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by amazing people who continue to positively influence the direction of my life.

As I am obviously well into “middle age,” it’s only natural to face the reality of getting older…

I can give you the bullshit cliches that age is just a number, but that’s ignorant and typically reserved for those living on fantasy island unable to face the real world.

I am not getting any younger and neither are you.

Yet, is that really such a bad thing?

I am at a more secure place in my life than ever before, and my entire self worth is no longer dependent on anything other than my own thoughts and beliefs. In a lot of ways, aging has given me an entirely new perspective on life and has allowed me to ignore the inconsequential bullshit while bringing to light all of the things that really matter.

As we continue to get older, the most important thing is to realize the only other alternative that awaits us all… When we are able to come to grips with our own impermanence, humble gratitude often flows through us recognizing the value of the most precious resource we possess, LIFE. It’s typically only then when we are able to come into the now and appreciate the air passing through our nostrils and the beautiful opportunity to live in the exact moment we are in.

I have no desire to reverse the clock, I’ve already lived those years and they were a fucking fantastic mess in the most beautiful way imaginable… I am a 44-year-old, grown-ass man with a lot of dirt underneath my spikes and plenty of scars on the body and a gigantic set of crow’s feet to show off with every smile.

Here’s the deal though… I EARNED that mud in my cleats, marks on the cuerpo and each and every fucking wrinkle in my face. These aren’t things that I shamefully carry with me but rather I wear them as a badge of honor that proudly reminds people, including myself, that I have LIVED AND WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE MY LIFE.

Per the late Coach Ben Parks’ tradition that we brought back on my 40th birthday, I have run 40, 41, 42, 43 and just recently 44 miles to celebrate each year and bring awareness to a certain charity… This year, the Let Them Play Foundation is at the center of just about all that we do and any help that we can get from you Daily Hustlers goes a LONG way…

The LTP Triathlon Across America coffee table book is an EASY way to donate with all proceeds going to the foundation and to top it off, you guys get a pretty epic, badass book in return…

The book is off pre-order, ready to ship, and we just slashed the price to $47 and you get instant access to the audiobook, narrated by your truly…

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Many people ask me how long I plan on continuing the celebratory birthday miles, and my response has been the same from the beginning:

“As long as I’m here and physically capable of putting one foot in front of the fucking other.”

We really appreciate your support and assure you that every dollar donated or generated through the Let Them Play book sale will go directly to helping kids get outside and PLAY!

Much Love, EB