5 Reasons WHY

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If I got a dollar every time somebody asked me WHY I do some of the crazy shit that I do, my kids’ college would already be paid for… 

The truth is that there is no one answer so oftentimes, I will avoid getting into it altogether by providing a very basic and generic answer.

The more complex version is typically reserved for long nights that involve multiple tequilas or in this case, today’s Daily Hustle so let’s dive in… 

  1. It makes me feel good… The process of preparing and then cashing in that preparation is incredibly rewarding both physically and mentally.

  2. Community… The people I have been able to meet and the relationships we have formed are predicated on many of these wild ultra endurance training sessions and events. There is nothing in life that will ever bond people more than shared experience.

  3. It’s FUN… As adults we lose our sense of fun and oftentimes fall into the vicious trap that may include us chasing unsustainable short lived highs… When we push limits and face the unknowns we recapture our childlike youthful exuberance and the world all of a sudden becomes one giant playground.

  4. Lead by example… Of course my kids don’t necessarily realize or appreciate the magnitude of all the adventures I have partaken in, but they are kids and I don’t really expect them to… Our kids have the rest of their lives to comprehend how we live our lives, so let’s continue to give them inspiring things to talk about.

  5. Humanization… At no other time in my life do I feel more humanized than when I am entrenched in an endurance escapade… Gratitude, humility and savagery are experienced at different times and on so many different levels, but ultimately they all are just beautiful reminders that we are fucking ALIVE. 



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