The 5 L’s…

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Recently read about a Harvard study that extensively researched what drives people to perceived successful and happy lives… 

Interestingly, the study broke down the winning formula into what they called the 5 L’s…

Let’s dive in.

  1. Love – Humans are pack animals and are meant to be supported, encouraged and loved by one another. 
  2. Labor – Work gives us a sense of purpose and typically continues to challenge us physically and mentally throughout the course of our lives.
  3. Learn – Accumulating knowledge that turns to wisdom is forever shaping and positively influencing our next actions. 
  4. Laughter – Simply put, laughter is the key to perspective and never taking ourselves too seriously. 
  5. Let Go – The one constant in our lives is change and the easier it is for us to let go and embrace those changes, the easier and more pleasant our lives will be.

Ultimately our happiness is completely subjective and rests on one person’s mindset… OURS.

That said, a good plan to dial in the right mindset starts with the 5 L’s.



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