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There are only two main things in life that are in our immediate control…



We cannot control external events that happen around us, but we can control our response. Our response will be determined by the attitude which forces our reaction and the effort that we put into subsequent actions following our internal response…

The Problem:

By nature, humans are emotional beings that react to individual feelings that we too often take way too personally.

This brings us back to the Jim Byrnes special that left me scratching my head for years.

“Don’t take your feelings so personal.”

When my Dad first told me that, I thought he was f*ing nuts…

Don’t take my feelings personal???

At the time, I was still playing baseball and I was an emotional wreck that emotionally responded to all of my feelings… I went so far to even identify myself with my feelings and took my feelings very personal.

As a result I was a yo-yo and had a yo-yo MLB career…

A lot of highs and a lot of LOWS…

A beautiful model of inconsistency…

Cool. That shit is done… So how do we fix this???

Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

Emotionally remove yourself from specific scenarios in which you are involved and take a birds eye, third party view of the situation without any sort of prejudgement.

Even through the most challenging and difficult times, view them as an opportunity to NOT take your feelings personal and respond with the right attitude and the right effort.

Go Hard Task:

Next time somebody says something that offends you or next time you feel overwhelming emotions and begin to take your feelings personal…

Just LAUGH. 🤣

Trust me, nobody really gives a f*ck about your feelings, so why should you? 🤷‍♂️