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One question I get continually asked by family members, friends and even random people I just met is:

“Why do you continue to push yourself?”

I’m 43 years old and like to think I have done some pretty cool shit in my life.

Sure, it would be easy to take it to the crib and bask in the glory of past accomplishments, but what fun would that be?

As you Go Hards know by now, life is education & life is experience.

In order to keep living, we must keep learning and we must keep experiencing.

The beautiful thing is that, along the way, I have realized that BY FAR the most rewarding part of any accomplishment I have been able to be a part of is the positive influence that it has had on others.

There are a lot of people in the world today that want to tell you what to do, yet there are very few that actually show you how to do it.

There will always be people who doubt what you say, but NOBODY will ever be able to doubt what you do.

The amazing thing is that so long as we keep charging, people will keep listening…

Action SPEAKS.

Good chance as you are reading this, I am deep into the abyss exploring the depths of the canyons, attempting to accomplish something that has never been done before…

Whether or not we are able to pull off 402 plus holes in 24 hours, I have no idea…

Yet, what I do know is that it is only through the ACTION of so many people that this event is even possible… I am very GRATEFUL to have these people in my life.

The entire 24 hour World Record attempt will be streamed on Twitch, so click link to be a part of the beautiful sh*t show…