Add Value

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Yesterday we talked about leaving people better than we found them simply by doing small things that have the potential to make a big difference…

Ultimately, the bottom line is that no matter what we do in life we would all be much better off if we consistently thought about “adding value” to any and all situations and people. 

When I first got to the big leagues, the Oakland outfield was stacked and playing time was scarce. It would have been very easy to fall into a rut, but in order to stay engaged there was a group of us bench players that focused on doing whatever we could to “add value.” 

As a matter of fact, fellow bench player Frank Menechino nicknamed us “The Goon Squad” and whenever one of the Goonies got into the game, we took great pride in doing absolutely anything to help the team… 

Whether it was a pinch run, pinch hit, defensive replacement or spot start, we would constantly talk about “bringing something to the party.” 

Most of you either watched it live, heard the story or have watched the “Moneyball” movie, but the result of this collective value add mentality was winning a record 20 consecutive baseball games… 

Whether we are going to a friends house for dinner, having a conversation with a stranger or playing Major League Baseball, when we focus on ADDING VALUE, everybody including ourselves & our teams will be much better for it. 👍


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