Make The Adjustment

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Was approached the other day at MLB Network by Mark Capalbo & Ethan Kleinberg, two producers of MLB Central who wanted me to take a look at Clint Frazier, the young outfielder of the New York Yankees who has encountered a plethora of defensive struggles in his young career… 

When I first looked at the video, I immediately knew what the problems were and came up with what I believe to be relatively easy solutions to the issues… This wasn’t any sort of omnipotent egotistical “I have all the answers” mentality of false confidence; actually, it was quite the opposite.

The only reason why I could so closely relate to Frazier’s defensive struggles was because I experienced them first hand myself.

The next day before executing the breakdown, I told Mark DeRosa, “This might not be the best breakdown I have done on this network but it definitely will be the most informative.” 

I said this not to be arrogant but because I myself had been humbled by these mistakes and was able to save my career only because of these adjustments implemented into my defensive game… 

Not to bore my non baseball audience with the specifics but here is a link to the video breakdown:

Bottom line is that we talk all the time about the Jim Byrnes mantra of the importance of education and experience (the only two things my Dad said he could give me that nobody would ever be able to take away)… Well, it was only through my experience that I was able to gain the education that allowed me to execute a breakdown that could potentially help any young outfielder who encounters the very same common issues.

As uncomfortable as it was to go through the struggles, I am truly grateful for them. 

Damn… This was beautiful AMOR FATI moment.  

With the help of so many people including Cris Bradford, Todd Leanues, Roy White and Mike Quade, I eventually was able to work through my defensive struggles and earn the Bill James’ Fielding Bible Award honoring baseball’s best left fielder… 

Look, go ahead and ask any of my teammates at UCLA or in the minor leagues what kind of circus act I was performing in outfields across America… Then, tell those dudes I won an award that declared that I was the best left fielder in the game of baseball and most likely they would tell you to quit smoking crack…

I humbly admit that I am living proof that miraculous progress can be made so long as we are willing to make adjustments and put in the necessary work. Even though I was still very much a circus act in the outfield for my entire career, it became a highly functioning and entertaining one. 🎪