Ahead of the game…

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Richard Branson is a billionaire badass and has undoubtedly created a next-level EMPIRE with his Virgin brand… 

Virgin Orbit, Virgin Hotels, and Virgin Hyperloop are his newest innovations and this dude and this company quite simply have NO F*ING QUIT in them.

Recently I ran across an article written by the legend himself that contained 5 tips on how to continue to innovate and stay AHEAD OF THE GAME:

  1. Focus on the problem
    Personally, I prefer to focus on the solution, but 6 in one & half a dozen in the other, right? 🤔 In order to create the fix, we need to realize what the issue is and then build a creative road map that allows us to move FORWARD.
  1. Surround yourself with passionate people –
    We here at the Daily Hustle know that passion never stops playing, so it only seems logical for us to surround ourselves with passionate people if we want to keep playing the game… Also, just like Mom loves to say, “Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are.” 
  1. Embrace diverse thought –
    Since we don’t ever take our feelings personally, it is imperative to be able to embrace people who consistently challenge our process… The ability to grow is dependent on our ability to think WAY outside of our own box.
  1. Listen to everyone’s ideas –
    Just like the poem, John Wooden recited to me at breakfast back in 2008… “A wise old owl sat in an oak the more he heard the less he spoke the less he spoke the more he heard now isn’t that a wise old bird.”🦉 
  1. Simplify the idea –
    No need to splatter the horse with paint… We have ourselves a fucking unicorn and it is beautiful just the way it is. 🦄

These aren’t revolutionary tips by any means… As a matter of fact, they are rather ordinary but I am pretty sure that is Sir Richard’s point. So often in life, we overthink and complicate shit believing there is a magic treasure buried way beneath the surface… Yet, when we stop digging a hole and finally realize the core principles we need to adhere to, innovation, progress and our ability to stay AHEAD OF THE GAME become inevitable.