It Ain’t About You.

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A few weeks ago when they announced that the entire sports world was basically shutting down, I think a lot of people never realized this was even possible, including our dude Stevie SuperSoft… 

“Wait what?!?!? No NCAA tourney… The NBA, NHL & MLB seasons suspended indefinitely and the Masters is postponed?!?!?! How could this ever happen 🤦‍♂️

First of all, don’t touch your face Stevie…
Secondly, quit being a little bitch. 

For weeks leading up to that moment, I had been in close contact with a doctor buddy of mine that basically had predicted that if America had any chance of controlling the virus, extreme social distancing was going to have to happen and the only way this would be possible was by taking extreme and unprecedented measures, including canceling all major sporting events. 

My original thought… “No fucking chance.” 

He then sent me several articles and charts representing similar past outbreaks and highlighted the effectiveness of isolation that has the ability to slow down and then eventually stop the spread… 

Dr. Mark Shapiro’s rallying cry was “CONTROL THE CURVE.” 

One curve was representative of societies that took no social distancing measures and the other reflected the ones that had… The difference in the amount of cases and length of the outbreak were glaring… And just as our resident Daily Hustle Dr. ordered, we had no other option but to CONTROL THE CURVE or we were all screwed.

Even though I could visually see how efficient that social distancing could be, just like Stevie, I never imagined them shutting down sports… I was sure that Armageddon could be taking place and the entire sports planet would adopt the rallying cry:

The games must go on. 💪

I figured there were too many egos involved and too much money to lose for it to happen… Yet I also saw the evidence and realized Dr. Shapiro was right, this could actually happen…



The beautiful thing of this colossal mess is that as soon as we realized what was really happening with the spread of the virus, we took unprecedented action.

Just as sports bring people together, the absence of sports has a tremendous impact on keeping people apart which is exactly what the entire world needs at this point.

Yes, these are wild times that we have never experienced, but this is also an incredible opportunity to step back and appreciate all of the things in life that we have so often taken for granted that all of a sudden disappeared in an instant. 

Of course, I would love to hit the ski slopes then fire on a MLB game and follow it up with the NBA and Stanley Cup Playoffs, but you know what I would love to see even more???

This fucking virus disappear.

I am incredibly grateful that we have a lot of smart people in this world, just like our dude Dr. Shapiro, that were able to get their message across to the right people to make the unimaginable possible…

So… All that said, for those who are complaining about their lives being disrupted, shut the fuck up, It ain’t about you.



P.S. Due to COVID-19, the theatrical release of the Let Them Play: A Triathlon Across America documentary has also been postponed indefinitely… 

So what!? We’re bringing the release to you virtually tomorrow! Stay tuned for how you can stream the documentary digitally. Proceeds will not only benefit the Let Them Play Foundation, but $1 from each sale goes directly to the Covid-19 Response Fund.