This Sh*t Ain’t Over!!!!

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During this year’s NBA playoffs the Los Angeles Lakers had a 32 point lead and were enjoying themselves on the bench… 

That’s when Lebron James, arguably one of the greatest players in NBA history, walked over and lambasted his teammates by simply saying:

“This shit ain’t over.” 

The Lakers finished off the victory, although not by much, and then James was questioned about his serious and uptight demeanor on the bench… 

This is what he had to say: 

“The best teacher in life is experience. I’ve experienced moments in my career where you have all the momentum in the world and you felt like you had the game under control, and one play here or one play there could change the course of a series or change the course of a game… I always talk about the best teacher in life is experience, and I’ve experienced a lot. That’s what prompts me to be who I am today is being able to have those experiences.” 

My DUDE!!!!!!! 

Seems like Lebron is an avid Daily Hustle subscriber with that sort of talk… I can’t tell you how many times we have preached the vital importance of life experiences… We can read and study all of the formulas and mathematical equations of life, but until we get into the trenches and experience that shit for ourselves, we will never truly understand the most valuable lessons that life has to offer.

Lebron has played in so many games where he and his teammates have had success and also where they have failed miserably… What makes Lebron the champion he is today has been the ability to draw lessons from any and all of the experiences which he has endured. 

Sure, of course we like to draw on all the great moments of the past, but oftentimes, it’s the not so great moments that serve as the greatest teachers of wisdom. 

Regardless if the experiences give us that warm and fuzzy good feeling or they leave us with an uneasy pit in our stomach, just like Lebron said, there is no question that Mr. & Mrs. Experience will be the best teachers we ever meet and they will constantly remind us…

“This Shit Ain’t OVER!!!” 



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