Amor Fati

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Amor Fati is a Latin phrase made popular by Stoic philosophers who believed it to be a guiding mantra of life…

It’s meaning: Love your fate.

Good, bad, ugly and indifferent scenarios will occur in our life, and we are faced with the incomprehensible task of loving our fate???

Emotions and feelings will always control our initial reaction to various life circumstances, but then it’s up to us to “love” that experience for all of its worth…

The Problem:

Life has the ability to bring us to our knees…

Life has the ability to challenge the inner depths

of our soul and question our existence…

Life isn’t easy…

Life hurts.

Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

No need to act like we love all of the most heartbreaking things that happen in our life… We don’t and we won’t. In that sense, the Stoics were full of shit attempting to live under an unrealistic false narrative.

What we can love though is our ability to respond to situations that fate brings us and the physical and emotional endurance those difficult experiences will build. Ultimately, our inner courage and strength is developed through life experience, not an inspirational quote, so be thankful for that experience.

Team Go Hard Task:

Write down the 3 worst things that have happened in your life, and then write how that experience ultimately impacted your life and changed you as a person.

1) __________________________________________________

2) __________________________________________________

3) __________________________________________________