Answer the f*cking door!!!

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We have all heard the phrase “opportunity knocks,” but what exactly does that mean? 

Throughout our days we all will encounter multiple situations where we get that loud thump on our own personal imaginary door, but sometimes that thump scares us and we become scared to open the door to the unknown… 

I get it… We all have excuses not to take a leap of faith and answer the door. It’s easy to convince ourselves to stay on the couch and answer only when the timing gets better… 

We tell ourselves that we will wait for our financial and personal situations to improve and then of course the timing will be perfect and we can answer then… 

WAKE UP!!!!! 

If we sit around waiting for every situation to be perfect before we take advantage of an opportunity that is trying to slap us in the face, we will be sitting on our asses for the rest of our lives wondering how we kept missing out. 🤦‍♂️

Opportunity will knock for all of us, but the successful ones in life are the people who figure out a way to answer the fucking door!!! 



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