Auditions Open

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Like we have said many times before here in the Daily Hustle, success isn’t owned, it’s borrowed and rent is due every single day… 

What does this mean for us?

Obviously, it teaches us to be grateful for what we have, but it also lets us know a very real truth… 

Each & every single day we are auditioning for the different roles of life.

The roles will vary based on time, situation & age. 

Sometimes we get the part & sometimes we fail miserably, but either way, NOTHING is permanent…

Was hanging with Kevin Millar in Austin a few weeks ago and he said something about being a 7 time Father Of The Year award winner… The issue is that Millar has been a father for 16 years so what happened the other 9?!?! 

He didn’t get the award because in his mind he didn’t EARN the role. The beautiful thing is that each & every single day of our lives, AUDITIONS ARE OPEN and whether or not we get the role is up to us. 



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