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Was listening to my morning Daily Calm mediation the other day and it really got me thinking. 🤔 

Each meditation session has a central theme that is highlighted and expanded upon by our girl, Tamara Levit…

Confidence just so happened to be the subject of the day. 

The overall message was that in order to be confident we must be understanding, forgiving and compassionate with ourselves.

The session ended with a quote from Perma Chodron that read:

“The root of true confidence grows from our ability to be in unconditional friendship with ourselves.” 

I like the overall message and there is a ton of truth in what Levit & Chodron are selling… 

Without a firm belief and security in who we are, true confidence will undoubtedly allude us… 

Yet, we here at the Daily Hustle like to dive DEEP, so let’s explore what all this really means. 

Of course, we need to develop an “unconditional friendship” with ourselves in order to be confident, but the real question here is how do we do that???

“I know, I know!!!!”

Hey, it’s Stevie SuperSoft. Yes Stevie… 

“We all get jobs that are going to save the world, pay a lot of money and have coffee carts available during all working hours so I can get my double mocha half caf kids temp skinny bitch ass latte whenever I want it.” 

WRONG Stevie…

As much as we would all like world saving, high paying, coffee cart accessible jobs, most of the time these things can be elusive and are completely outside of our control.

Our confidence should never be dependent on uncontrollable outside circumstances and influences.

Anybody else have an idea how we could build sustainable confidence??? 

“I know, I know!!!!”

Hey, it’s Sammy SAVAGE. Yes Sammy… 

“Professor EB, I feel like you have taught this to us 1000 times in the Daily Hustle class… We build an ‘unconditional friendship’ with ourselves by living a life where our actions reflect our commitment to the person we wish to become. Ultimately, jobs, money and coffee carts don’t give us confidence; our WORK does…  When we dedicate ourselves to maximizing our potential on a daily basis through the accumulation of education and experiences, regardless of our current circumstances, we will be able to look ourselves in the mirror at night with the utmost confidence and declare… I AM A BAMF. 👊”

Very good Sammy… 

(With a bewildered look on his face, Stevie SuperSoft interjects…) 

“Uhhhhh, What’s a BAMF?” 

Oh Stevie, I am sorry we haven’t taught you this before. We just haven’t felt like you were ready to digest and really understand the genuine BAMF meaning…

Sammy SAVAGE, can you share with Stevie what BAMF means please. 

“Sure Professor EB, a BAMF is a simple acronym for…


Harden up Stevie, you got a LONG way to go.”