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“When a man has said, ‘I have lived!’ every morning he arises is a bonus.” 



Have you lived? 

Damn that’s a tough question… 

Yea, I like to think I have LIVED but what does that really mean??? 

Definitely have done some cool shit in my life but also would like to be able to experience some more. 

Cool… So what’s the best way to go about doing so? 

If we constantly live our lives as if we are always chasing the next adventure and accomplishment, it can become difficult to find solace in all of the incredible things we have already done, but most importantly, it takes us away from the only thing we ever truly possess in our lives… 


Look, I am not one to hang my hat on past successes or failures, but in order to truly immerse ourselves in the moment, we must very rarely ever bask in our glory or dwell in our sorrows. 

Sure, we didn’t control when we came into this world and we don’t control when we are going out, unless you decide to swallow a 12 gauge…   

Then I can’t help you. 

Yet, when we live each day fully present, hard charging and grateful for the moment, we will be able to rest our head on the pillow at night knowing that if tomorrow never comes, we have LIVED. 

When that happens, like our dude Seneca reminds us, we will finally realize every single morning is a BONUS.