The F*It List

Life Lessons from a Human Crash Test Dummy

This is more than just a book. It's an attitude. It's a mentality. It's a lifestyle.

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The F*IT List is my journey, my life, my lessons, my successes, and my many failures… in my own words.

This is a lifestyle as much as it is an actual list of shit to get done. It is an attitude that bleeds into every aspect of your life. It constantly challenges you to question the norms of society and push the limits of the status quo. Specifically, your status quo. Most importantly, The F*It List forces action. It promotes energy and gives life. It allows you to stand up for what you believe, but also helps give perspective on external situations and opinions outside of your control. It’s not always comfortable and in many instances, it is downright scary. Yet, instead of searching for the meaning of life, you will be authentically living it.

Too often we put limits on ourselves, creating boundaries around what we believe we are capable of. We immerse ourselves in a fixed mindset and make every excuse along the way. “I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m too tired, I’m too shy, I’m too weak, I’m not smart enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not rich enough, I’m not a good enough athlete..." Bullshit! If there is one TRUTH that I have learned in life, it’s that you get out what you put in. The question then becomes, are you willing to put in the work to challenge yourself to live your authentic life? Are you willing to say, ‘f*ck the result’ while completely embracing everything the process has to offer? It’s not always that easy to say f*ck it...

The F*It List is a collection of real-life stories compiled over the last 40 years, all about the PROCESS.  Every story is complimented with a ‘Human Crash Test Dummy Life Lesson’ drawn from each invaluable experience.

“The F*It List embodies everything the WEDŪ spirit is all about.  The stories are incredible, and the lessons taken from the stories are something we can all use to survive and thrive.”

-Lance Armstrong
Former Professional Cyclist
WEDŪ Founder

Inside The F*It List, you'll discover:

  • the effects and struggles Eric embraced from his learning disability (Chapter 2)
  • how Eric coped with numerous tragedies in his life (Chapter 5)
  • Byrnes' unlikely journey to UCLA and how that propelled his baseball career
  • how Eric turned down the MLB Draft after his junior year to return for another season at UCLA (Chapter 32)
  • the struggles Byrnes (and many others) faced in Minor League Baseball (Chapter 35)
  • the excitement of making a Major League debut! (Chapter 45)
  • Byrnes' crazy journey playing baseball in the Dominican Republic (Chapter 53)
  • how Eric dealt with the many ups and downs of his 11 year professional baseball career with 5 different teams
  • Byrnes’ journey from the field to the MLB Network studio (Chapter 97)
  • what led Eric to stumble upon and fall in love with the world of endurance sports (Chapter 99)
  • how Eric fueled his competitive desires and filled the void left from baseball 
  • an incredible journey of getting in to, and competing in the historic Western States 100
  • and much more...

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The F*It List is over 400+ pages of real-life stories and lessons learned by Eric Byrnes in his journey from Major League Baseball to the Western States to MLB Network.

What Others Are Saying...

“Inspiration with a bit of pyromania. With his hair on fire, Eric invites you on his own thrill ride. Free-spirited and spiritual throughout, the pages share Eric’s philosophy with both authenticity and depth. While reading, I was instantly inspired to evaluate my own life. This book is packed with stories that will make you both laugh out loud and reflect. Best of all, I was entertained while working on the best version of myself.”

-John Gall
Stanford University Hall of Fame
All Time Pac 12 Hits Leader
2006 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Champion
2008 Team USA Olympic Bronze Medalist

“Eric is easily one of the most driven, passionate and enthusiastic people I know. The lessons he’s learned in his life have all led him to where and who he is today. This book proves you can have failures without failing. I didn’t play in the Major Leagues, my body fat percentage is much higher than Eric’s and I’ve spent my entire life on the East Coast, but that’s not to say that I can’t relate to the lessons he presents in this book. This list proves you can accomplish anything in life if you learn from your mistakes and demand that you’re better today than you were yesterday.”

-Paul Severino
Emmy Award Winning Sports Broadcaster
Play by Play, Miami Marlins

“When the right person pens the right book, there's an honesty and vitality that should not be missed. The F* It List by Eric Byrnes fits that description. I've known Eric since we were 18 years old, and he has always lived the concept of getting out of the comfort zone. This book captures Eric's commitment while also calling the reader to action. Anyone looking to spark their adventurous spirit will love this book.”

-Mark Shapiro, MD
Host & Producer, Explore The Space Podcast
Medical Director, Hospital Medicine at St. Joseph Health Medical Group

“Life’s path is centered around pivotal moments and the decisions you make in those windows of time. Eric has powerfully laid out his story from childhood to fatherhood, thoughtfully chronicling the intense choices he made along the way. His words are a guidebook to effectively eliminate all the excuses that dictate our lack of progress and cast shadows on the dreams that lie within us. This book is inspiration in its purest form.”

 -Kelley James
Singer, Songwriter

“If you’re looking for a book that motivates you to push yourself way beyond your comfort zone, you found it!  Eric is a self-proclaimed guinea pig. His personal story is proof positive that the only limits to your potential are the ones you make for yourself.  This book draws you into decision mode - you can either live a) an ordinary life or, b) not give a f*ck and stretch yourself to live an extraordinary life. Eric's story is a great example of someone who maximizes his life by using visualization, momentum, habit building tricks, and life-hacking to reach any goal he pursues while inspiring the reader to do the same. The book is filled with great anecdotes, a ton of heart and some truly applicable life-lessons. I strongly recommend it for everyone and anyone who wants to be inspired to keep moving. If that's you, start your own "F*It List!”

 -Jennifer Cohen
Author, Strong is the New Skinny
Forbes Columnist

“There is nobody I know that has more energy and zeal for life than Byrnes. With penetrating insights and real-life stories, Byrnes serves up a motivating and refreshing book that got me fired up to take on new challenges. His life lessons at the end of every chapter are easy to apply and will help you find greater happiness and peace of mind.”

 -Peter Princi
Managing Director, The Princi Group
‘Top 40 Under 40’ Wall Street Magazine