Don’t f*ck it up…

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We will all face high stress environments in life and some people tend to deal with these situations a lot better than others… Why? 

In any sort of pressure situation, it is inevitable that our heart rate rises, blood pressure increases and adrenaline kicks in. Oftentimes, people will experience tension in the neck area, and yes that is exactly where the phrase “choking…” comes from.

So what can we do the next time we have that big date with the partner of our dreams, the presentation at work that has a chance to make us all billionaires or the beer league softball championship game that will etch our names into a wooden Dutch Goose table for eternity? 


I get it… A lot easier said than done. We got some serious shit on the line here though so let’s talk process.

The easiest way to relax is by simply coming into the moment… The easiest way to come into the moment is by forgetting the past and eliminating the worry of an uncertain future… The easiest way to do that… 


Whenever I would come up to bat in a big time situation with the game on the line, I would always go through my pre at bat routine and follow it up with feeling the air pass through my nostrils for 3 seconds, holding it for 3, then releasing for 6… 

It’s incredible how that always allowed me to be totally present, RELAX and not be overwhelmed by ANY situation… Of course, I didn’t always have success but never once did I feel like it was because the moment was too big; most likely, just a simple lack of skill. 🤷‍♂️ 

That said, next time you have that big date, presentation or at bat against Mariano Rivera with the season on the line, spend 12 seconds breathing and don’t f*ck it up.

Oh yea, and if you do, don’t worry… It’s probably just a talent issue.