One brick at a time 🧱

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Life can be A LOT… 

Needless to say it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by all of life’s offerings & happenings. 

Individually, I am trying to do my part in helping raise 3 kids, I write a 5 day a week blog & do a corresponding podcast, I coach a 10U travel baseball team, sit on the board of the Let Them Play Foundation and have somehow found myself as the world’s number 1 footboard salesman & co-founder of a Silicon Valley startup tech company. 😅

In my spare time I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunrise and participating in over the top endurance challenges that include swimming, biking and running what many would consider ridiculous distances reserved for whacked out people who somehow find pleasure in pain… 

Yea I get it, we all got a lot of shit going on in our lives and to be honest, I’m not sure anybody really gives two fucks… Yet, the question becomes what can we do to make sure we don’t get swallowed up in our quest to conquer life’s fast paced roller coaster journey toward greatness? 

While recently reading the Daily Stoic I came across this gem from Ryan Holiday who was referencing Marcus Aurelius… 

“We have to concentrate like a Roman, that we have to face the tasks in front of us like they are the last thing we are doing with our life. We have to address and solve what’s in front of us, action by action. We cannot be crushed by life as a whole, we have to tackle the present moment calmly, rationally, courageously.” 

Boom. 💥 

The only way we will ever be able to get through a hard charging, get a ton of shit done life is by focusing all of our attention on the task at hand… Kinda like the one arm brick layer who built an empire one brick at a time. If we concentrate on executing the process by putting all of our attention on simply stacking the next brick, before we know it, an entire empire will be built, but the only way that ever will happen is one brick at a time. 🧱 



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