Keep The Buckets Handy 🙌

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Was listening to my Daily Calm recently when I ran across this GEM…

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them, they sink because of the water that gets in them.” 

I f*cking LOVE this… Each day we set our sails and navigate the oceans of life… The water is the world around us that helps support our journey and keeps us afloat… Without the water, we would be washed up on a deserted island begging for MaryAnne and Ginger to show up to keep us company.

Our boats have the ability to take on some water and there will inevitably be some spray and maybe even a wave that washes over the bow… All of the water is easily removable with a couple buckets we keep close by.

Yet, if we lose our buckets and our boat takes on too much water, it will inevitably sink and Gilligan’s ass ain’t going to be there to save us.

The beautiful thing is that we all have buckets and even if the boat takes on water, so long as we are willing to remain strong and put in a little work, we can quickly toss the water out.

The only way we ever truly lose the buckets is by giving way too much credit to the negative opinions of inconsequential outsiders…

Look, our boat is OUR boat and with the proper mindset, our bucket safety system has the ability to be impenetrable…

So… At the end of the day, let’s just make sure the only water that ever gets on our boat without getting chucked right back into the ocean are the sparkling Pierres we are mixing into The Professors tequila. 🍹 

But we need to always remember to KEEP THE BUCKETS HANDY. 🙌