Can’t Please Everybody

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When we are kids, we grow up trying to get the approval of our parents… As we grow older, many of us do everything in our power to appease our teachers, coaches and peers. 

As we get into adulthood, we work hard to make our bosses happy and of course try diligently to please our significant others and kids as well…

Ultimately, we spend much of our lives trying to satisfy other people, but the ironic thing is that no matter if that person is our closest family member or a complete outsider, we have absolutely no control over their opinion of us and our actions, good, bad or ugly.

Of course we can do the work and of course we can act virtuously in all of the arenas of our life, but we still don’t hold the power to make people believe or think a certain way about us.

The sad thing is that many people live their entire lives trying to please somebody that is simply un please-able.

Sure, it’s human nature to seek approval, especially from those closest to us, yet when we finally realize that it’s not actually within our control, we will finally be able say “fuck it” and start paying attention to the things that are…



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