Can’t or Won’t???

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In life, we will run across difficult scenarios where we will be asked to do something that will put us in an incredibly uncomfortable position…

99% of us will say that we CAN’T do it.

Yet the reality of the situation is that we are perfectly capable of performing whatever task was asked of us…

Ultimately, it’s not that we can’t do it.

It’s that we WON’T do it.

The Problem:

We HATE being uncomfortable, and we hate doing things that we are not good at.

When we attempt things outside of our comfort zone, we are often tentative and become easily embarrassed by our lack of both confidence and skill…

We also don’t like pain (physical or emotional)…

We will do everything in our power to avoid pain at all costs.

When I first got done playing baseball and ran into 3 junior high school friends of mine, they challenged me to come do a triathlon with them…

My initial response was that I would love to but “I can’t.”

Then I realized it wasn’t that “I can’t” complete the triathlon. It was that “I won’t.”

Next question to myself was… “Why not?”


Well “I won’t” do it because I was not prepared.  

Once I realized the difference, I said F*It and put in the necessary work to complete the triathlon (barely) just a few weeks later…

Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

Find something in your life that will challenge you beyond your comfort zone.

Go Hard Task:

  • Sign up for a race that will navigate a new skill and/or distance.
  • Learn to play a new instrument.
  • Take a class that will challenge your way of thinking.
  • Learn a new language then go immerse yourself into the native culture.

Whatever challenge that has piqued your interest but you have always said “I can’t”… Let’s make sure it’s not “I won’t”.

Big F*cking Difference!