Create Classics

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After last weeks Daily Hustle celebration of The F*IT List, it got me thinking about what is it that genuinely creates a classic… 

Whether we are talking about a book, a movie, a show, a song or a car, why is it that some things in life fade away quickly while others have relentless staying power and oftentimes seem to get better with age? 

After meditating on it for an SFO to NYC flight that diverted to Albany because of weather, I’m pretty sure I got the 3 true reasons why something becomes a CLASSIC figured out on this 9 hour flight… 

  1. It’s timeless… Classics have no expiration date. The concepts, lessons, style and sound are evergreen and they have the ability to withstand bullshit trends and short lived fads. 
  2. There is always a story… We as human beings need a reason to care, and nothing makes us care more than a heartfelt authentic story that triggers and inspires the core values of our human existence. 
  3. It adds VALUE… The classics give us something that will benefit our lives… Something we can either physically or emotionally hold onto and something we can’t wait to share with our family and friends. 

Ultimately, whether or not we create a true CLASSIC isn’t up to us… It is left up to the subjective opinion of outsiders that we have absolutely no control of. 

That said, so long as we create a sustainable product that comes with a REAL human story and adds value to people’s lives, we can call it whatever the f*ck we want… 

Including a CLASSIC. 👊