“I do and I understand.” – Confucius 

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“I hear and I forget, 

I see and I remember, 

I do and I understand.” 

– Confucius 

Considering Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, lived 500 years before Christ was born, it’s pretty incredible to think how much weight and value his teachings still have over 2500 years later…

As a baseball coach of young Go Hards trying to find their way in this world, I have noticed that what we as coaches have to say very rarely will ever resonate with the kids.

Yet, when we are able to lead by example, the influence starts to become real… 

Ultimately, when the players take action themselves is when true learning, development and growth actually take place.

Let’s take the tennis ball drill for example. 🎾 

My favorite way to teach hitting is by taking a tennis ball and firing it just about as hard as I can while pitching to the kids. We can tell them to stay quick and short to the ball, but that really doesn’t mean anything because they are simply words without any sort of significant contextual association. 

We then can show what our words mean by visually demonstrating the swing, and the kids typically will then begin to mimic our actions. At this point, we have made some progress because based on muscle memory, the kids will often subconsciously REMEMBER what they are supposed to do. 

The final piece of the learning process is throwing the little turds into the fire. When we do this and they get to experience balls flying at them at the equivalent of 100mph, they finally will UNDERSTAND the true value of a short and quick swing… 

Amazingly, the kids swing and miss at about the first 10 that I throw… Then, because of their comprehension through ACTION, they figure it out and start CRUSHING balls. 

In life, it’s incredible what we are capable of learning and teaching when we focus on EXPERIENCE, not words…