Mom & Dad want their couch back 🛋

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Yesterday, we talked about getting out a lot more than we realize from life experiences and situations… 

Especially in our early years, we lumber our way through thinking we are doing things for one reason and then later come to the realization that our actions had a lot more depth and meaning than we could have ever imagined.

Ultimately, the path we take in life is not always the easy road and oftentimes will challenge us to the core of our existence.

Regardless, so long as we maintain the right attitude, right effort, and proper perspective, this is the path that will lead us to our infinite game… The one that involves a passion that is so impactful and infectious it has the potential to outlive all of us. We just got to believe, regardless of our current circumstances, we are on the right path. 

“Uh… Hey Byrnes, how can you say I am on the right path? I am 35, been fired from 9 jobs and I am currently unemployed back at home living on Mom & Dads sofa playing endless hours of Fort Nite… Even as naive as I can be at times, I’m pretty sure this ain’t the right path.” 

Hey, It’s Stevie SuperSoft!!!! 

Look Stevie, nobody ever said the path to our “Ikigai” was going to be a steady vertical climb without obstacles along the way… Several in your case. Life is a beautiful roller coaster of ups and downs and twists and turns and it’s up to us to enjoy the ride… So long as you are willing to get your ass off your parents couch and put down the video game controller, even somebody that’s been as pathetic as you have at times can actually find some hope. Our current life circumstances don’t define us, but what we do going forward does… 

Find your passion, focus on putting one foot in front of the other and making incremental progress while following that passion each day… Stevie, nobody is going to argue that the majority of your life you have been a complete and total f*cking disaster… Yet, the good news is that you have hit rock bottom, are still alive and got only one way to go on your path. It’s time to sack up and embrace your failures and your path for what it has been… A rocky f*cking road filled with a shit ton of colossal failures… Stevie, I believe in you and I believe that the path you have taken will eventually propel you forward. Yet, even if you think your path ends on your parents couch, theirs doesn’t… So get the f*ck up and find a new place to live because your poor Mom & Dad want their couch back, 🛋 

-Harden up, EB