Let’s Get Creative

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Most of us strive to be creative in life… 

We attempt to remain open minded, innovative and progressive in our thinking… Yet what exactly is creativity and more importantly, how do we implement it into our lives? 

Well, Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” 

Huh… Could it be that simple? 

Recently I ran into a buddy who had an idea which was very similar to something I had been pondering for awhile… As we connected our ideas, we began to connect with many other people and many more thoughts that helped give us direction… 

Eventually, through a multitude of a constant stream of connections we developed our technological vision which has now brought us to the precipice of launching a brand new platform that we believe has the potential to revolutionize the broadcasting and live streaming communities. 

Where our new platform goes will continue to depend on how efficient and effective we continue to be with our creativity, which just so happens to be driven by the one of most universal success formula ingredients… 

CONNECTIONS of people & things. 



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