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“Do what you can with what you have where you are.”
-Teddy Roosevelt 

As we continue to adjust to a new reality of living for now, never before has this Teddy quote been so relevant…

Like all families, we here at the casa de Byrnes went through an adaptation period but have slowly begun to find our groove and are becoming much more efficient and effective with our Daily Hustle routine.

Before this stay at home order started, I required our kids to run a mile a day… They bitched and complained but they always figured out a way to get it done because their TV time depended on it…

When this whole thing started, I came up with an entire Daily Hustle list for the groms and as you would probably expect, it was met with resistance from the rugrats. 

Although they most likely would try to tell you that the activities are random and tedious, I assure you, there is a selected purpose behind each task…  

Let’s examine: 

Byrnes Kids Daily Hustle 

  1. 1 Mile – A good way to fire up the body and brain in the morning and set the tone for the rest of the day. We are basically telling ourselves and life that we aren’t screwing around and we are here to get shit done. 
  2. 50 Jumps – These are the infamous dopamine jumps that we can spread out through the course of the day… Whenever we need a body/brain boost, JUMP! 
  3. 50 Sit-ups – Don’t care what kind of core exercise we want to do, just do something to strengthen that all important mid section that EVERY other body part connects to. 
  4. 50 Pushups – Developing upper body strength is key in just about every sport and/or physical activity we can think of. 
  5. 60 minute Free Play outside – Remember what it was like when we were kids and we just went outside and played? Parents didn’t tell us what to play or how to play, we just f*ing PLAYED and gosh damn we had some wild adventures!!! 
  6. Walk dogs – Remember that these furry little slices of heaven need to move and get their asses outside too. This teaches us to care for others while also experiencing the benefits received from fresh air and movement for all creatures. 
  7. Foot Reflexology Board – We all should know the potential benefits by now of foot reflexology, but in case we have forgotten: Increased blood flow, decreased inflammation, better mood, better sleep and a whole lot more that says #GetOnBoard. 🤗
  8. Daily Stoic Challenge – We have about 30 different cards with different daily stoic challenges and we rotate each day… They range from taking a cold shower to sleeping on the floor to writing thank you letters or filling a trash bag full of litter. Each one is focused on our ability to practice our will, perception and action.  
  9. Presidents Report – For those who don’t know, I was a history major and presidential history just so happens to be my jam. We always learn more from our failures than successes and the best part about history is that we are able to learn from other people’s mistakes of the past without having to fuck it up ourselves. We also are able to figure what actions people took to create individual success as well as thriving societies, economies and diplomatic relations. When the lockdown started, I figured we would be looking at a minimum of 45 days, so the kids have been tasked with producing a report on a different president every day which is to include 3 essential facts. 

Each day, I’ll add a few extra things and fun quotes and reminders to try to motivate them to keep on point… 

Of course this was a gigantic struggle at first, but several weeks into The Daily Hustle list now, it’s INCREDIBLE how fluid most of the days have been and how well we have all adapted to the beautiful, ever-changing shit show of a world we all have the precious privilege to live in at this very freaking crazy moment in time…

Let’s just keep daily hustling. 👊



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