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Typically when I get on a plane, I use that time to knock out Daily Hustles and other work-related items… A few weeks ago, I was prepping a keynote presentation for the Endurance Exchange Conference, when I inadvertently struck up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to me on the plane. 

It is very rare that I ever have any sort of in-flight meaningful talks, but I decided to let my guard down a bit and engage… 

After exchanging simple pleasantries, the conversation progressed to our professions and got pretty personal in a relatively short period of time… The woman was headed to a conference in San Francisco and I immediately inquired about the line up of speakers who they had scheduled.

That led to me explaining what I was working on, and then the convo progressed to what exactly makes an impactful speech. We all value things differently, but what this person said made the most lasting impression for her was when she was able to hear a story about somebody “GOING DEEP,” and the motivation and execution behind pushing physical and mental limits to the “next level.” 

With a laugh, I suggested she might want to change conferences and check out the Endurance Exchange in Arizona… 

It is true that we all value different things in keynote speeches and it can be very difficult to relate to a wide variety of people… Yet, no matter if you are an extreme endurance athlete, a weekend warrior or somebody who is lucky to get to the gym once a month, the concept of “going deep” is a fascinating one to just about everybody… 


We all have a little sicko in us and like to see people suffer. 

We want to know what it was that possibly drove them to this over the top self-inflicted pain.

Ultimately though, we want to know what was on the other side… What physical and mental benefits did “going deep” provide at the moment and what sort of lasting effects has it had since? 

Our curiosity is piqued because there is a story to hear and we want to know the intimate details, but what I have learned from sharing my journey into the ultra-endurance world is that the real reason why people care is because it gets them contemplating their own walk.

I get it, not everybody wants to do Ironman’s, 100-mile races or a triathlon across the country… The beautiful thing though is that we don’t have to play 24 hours of speed golf to “go deep.” 

In order to experience our OWN DEEP, we simply need to push OUR OWN limits.

Ironically, the person I was talking to was an avid tennis player her whole life but had never partaken in any sort of endurance events outside of a few 5k’s… I recommended she and her friends run along the Embarcadero to Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge. Easily an 8-mile round-tripper from where they were staying. Not expecting she would attempt it, I got a message the next day of a picture of a bunch of dudes ripping up the Fort Point surf break… 

“Made it to the bridge!” 

For someone I met less than 24 hours earlier, it’s tough for me to say how deep she dove and what exactly she experienced in the GG Bridge journey… But figuring her limited endurance history, I don’t have any doubts that limits were pushed and our girl was swimming in the DEEP end. 👊