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Unfiltered Life Guidance From A Human Crash Test Dummy

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Dear Go Hards,

When I finished writing The F*IT List - Life Lessons From A Human Crash Test Dummy, we marketed the book as “a mentality & a lifestyle.”

Yet, as so many of you know, the only way anything becomes a mentality or a lifestyle is if we put in the work to make it part of our daily routine...

What We Do Is Who We Are.

Thus, we created the Daily Hustle blog that we began sending out to a small group of subscribers back in 2018... Over the past 4 years, the email list has grown into the tens of thousands but most importantly, a community of dedicated GO HARDS has organically developed throughout the process.

In many ways, the DH has been an extension of the F*IT List... Short writings and reflections about life’s happenings and an exploration of the invaluable lessons that come with them... Many of the Daily Hustles are based on my own lived life experiences while other times the writings are centered around certain events & topics worth taking a deep dive into...

Regardless, the one thing the Daily Hustles tend to do is challenge each and every one of us to autonomously think for ourselves while exploring the magnitude of ways we can apply our learnings to help optimize our lives and the lives of those closest to us...

Why Now?

Well, as Kowalski & I repeatedly tell the “Let Them Play” travel baseball kids and “Savannah Banana” crew that we’ve had the privilege to coach...

If not us... THEN WHO?
If not now... THEN WHEN?

The 222 chapters that makeup The Daily Hustle Book aren’t necessarily meant to be read consecutively but feel free to attack this bad boy however you wish... Regardless, life isn’t lived in days or years, it’s lived in moments created by chasing experiences. Every one of the 222 chapters are impactful & educational moments created through experiences worth sharing...

The topics range from the lessons learned from the intimate details of the “Let Them Play Triathlon Across America” to examining how the Hollywood & Broadway blockbuster “Frozen” greatly influenced my life...

We go over what it took to break a 47-year-old Guinness Book of World Record and examine the lives of former US Presidents and other world leaders that we can all learn something from...

There is a Daily Hustle about a gnarly standoff with a naked elderly gentleman in a public steam room and other writings that explore many different life optimization tools and techniques easily applicable to all of our lives...

Some are light hearted and some are a bit more serious, but whether we laugh at the ridiculousness of Stevie SuperSoft or cry because it just so happens to tug at our heart, each chapter will have a message for us to digest and reflect upon...

WHY 222?

With well over 500 Daily Hustles written, we debated how many to include in this book... Then, as we ventured into the year 2022, I figured it would be cool to make a play off of my favorite number as well as the main number I wore in the big leagues, 22... 

Obviously 2022 Daily Hustles don’t exist yet and 22 isn’t nearly enough, so 222 became a finalist along with 365 (which would have solidified a DH for every day of the year).

As I asked countless people their opinion it seemed pretty split... Then I decided to look up the number 222 and see if there was any special significance...

This is what I read:

“The number 222 is a very powerful number in numerology.

It’s a master number that is linked to personal mastery and creativity.

It governs the energy of the sun, and is also associated with positive thoughts, clarity, and spiritual growth.

In general, this number reflects on your sense of self-worth, and how confident you are in your own capabilities.

If you’re not feeling very confident then this number may not be for you, as it will amplify any negative thoughts or emotions that you’re experiencing.

222 will bring to light all of the issues that you’re having with yourself or in your life.

So in that case, it might be good to go into it with a clean slate and try not to get caught up in some of the more negative aspects that can come up when using this powerful number for personal reasons.

The number 222 is a very spiritual number. It has also been mentioned in the Quran as “the Two Signs” which points to the coming of Muhammad and to his departure from Mecca, as well as referring to the two parts of revelation or Wahi.

The number 222 is also seen as a sign for Christianity. Christianity followers may find themselves drawn to this particular number because it represents Jesus Christ’s love for them through his dual nature – both human and divine.

The number 222 is also a powerful number that relates to safety, security, and protection.

This number is said to represent a force that will shield you and protect you from any harm."

So on that note...

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