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Dang this feels GOOD!!!! 

We spent the past 3 weeks off the grid but working our asses off to ensure that when we came back, we would be able to bring you guys something that will have enormous potential to positively impact each and every one of our lives…

The Daily Hustle has grown its following mainly because of the loyal Go Hard tribe that understands this shit goes well beyond fulfilling their own selfish needs… If we aren’t sharing and passing along valuable nuggets of wisdom that can positively affect somebody’s life, then we aren’t doing a single fucking thing to help anybody, including ourselves…

Yet when we spread the knowledge and love, we not only help fulfill others’ needs but we optimize our very own self improvement. 

Several times before I’ve said that I don’t write for you, I write for me, and I’ve maintained this mindset for the sole purpose of preserving the individuality and authenticity of the message… 

When we write to appease a crowd, we lose the fabric of our soul that is so beautifully revealed with free flowing thoughts independent of any sort of political agenda… That said, as I have meditated on the driving purpose behind my writing, I’ve come to realize that I don’t write for just me and I don’t write for just you… 

I write for us. 

I write about things that MOVE me and I write about things that provoke intellectual thoughts and discussions, but most importantly, I write to inspire ACTION. 

The longer the Daily Hustle has gone on, I’ve realized that we truly are all in this together…

As our favorite Polish/Mexican Kowalski likes to say…


On that glorious note, we spent the last 3 weeks GRINDING to put together something that we believe has the potential to positively impact many people’s lives…

The Daily Hustle 22 Day Challenge!!!!

One week from today, starting February 1st, those who sign up for the DHC 22 will receive a special Daily Hustle email at 4am PST for 22 straight days… Even more importantly, each Daily Hustle will come with a specific physical and/or intellectual challenge that will undoubtedly push all of our limits and force every one of us to step outside of our comfort zone.

Each challenge has the ability to be scaled up or down depending on fitness level and available time, but the most important thing is that each day we will be building routines and creating habits that will have the ability to influence our lives long after the 22 days are over…

The cost of the DHC 22 is just $22 ($1 a day!!!) and a portion or the proceeds will go directly to the Let Them Play Foundation to continue to help get kids active

For those not interested in the DHC 22, we will be back February 23rd with regularly scheduled Daily Hustles but the only Daily Hustles delivered between Feb 1st and Feb 22nd will be of the DHC 22 variety, which not only come with a challenge but there will also be daily inspirational messages and golden nuggets of wisdom to continue to help all of us CHARGE through life.

As with most things, this Daily Hustle Challenge is great on our own but even better when we do it with others. When we share experiences we tend to hold ourselves and others accountable to ACTIONS and we are about to have plenty of ACTION for 22 straight days!!! 

On that note please share the SIGN UP LINK below with anybody & everybody you know that you believe could benefit from exploring new limits of life…


Lastly, as Kowalski & I so often remind our 11U LTP baseball team…. 

Ain’t nothing to it but to DO IT
If not us then who?
If not now then when?