DO Something

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Got a buddy of mine, let’s call him High School Harry, that recently reached out to me…

“Yo Dude, I am 42 years old, 300 pounds and haven’t done any real physical activity since high school… I appreciate you trying to motivate me to do an Ironman Triathlon or Ultra Marathon, but it’s just not possible… Where do I start?” – High School Harry

Dear HSH,

You are well on your way to change my dude… It’s the start that stops most people, and so as long as you are willing to get your large ass off the couch and into the game, you are WINNING. Harry, I know you still live with your parents and that’s all good. I lived with my Mom at home too when I played in the big leagues, so definitely no judgement on my end.

That trail right outside your house is a mile loop, let’s start by walking that bad boy once a day for the first week then twice a day in week 2. You can do them consecutively or split them up if you want. Eventually, we are going to work our way up to the 4-mile trail loop and sign your ass up for the 5k Turkey Trot coming up…

Let’s F*ING DO THIS!!!!

The Problem:

All we have to do is start but that is by far the most difficult part…

As I mentioned, it’s the start that STOPS all of us.

Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

Eliminate any sort of procrastination and just GO!

Who cares if you get your ass kicked. As a matter of fact, you are supposed to!!! Taking a beat down is part of the growing and learning process… Embrace the pummel and love the uncomfortable experience because it’s only then when we are making genuine improvements.

Team Go Hard Task:

Get your asses up out of your chairs and let’s take a few laps around the room.

Now let’s fire off 10 dopamine jumps.

Cool, sit your asses back down I’m almost done…

How do you feel? I know that tiny ass, little bit of movement made you feel better…

It’s not about becoming a mechanistic sicko obsessed with exercise like I am…

It’s just about DOING SOMETHING.