Do Your Job

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As the Patriots pulled off another miraculous Super Bowl win this season, love them or hate them, we ALL can learn from them…

I just watched an interview with Bill Belichick from a couple years ago that was fascinating.

The interview took place in the offseason after they had just won their 5th Super Bowl with a miraculous come from behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons…

When the reporter asked him if the goal was to win another Super Bowl, he responded by saying that he’s a short-sighted guy and his goal was to put together a competitive football team for spring camp. Then, he would focus on figuring out who would be the best guys to go into the pre-season with…

Super Bowl????

This dude wasn’t even ready to talk about the next year’s regular season.

He was later asked about one of the only signs in his locker room:

“Every battle is won before it is fought”.

He talked about preparation being one of the only things that is within our immediate control and how vital it is to get it right.

Yet Belichick also recognized that a battle plan is great until you actually get into the battle where constant adjustments have to be made.

He spoke of 4 rules that he has:

1) Do your job
2) Be attentive
3) Pay attention to details
4) Put the team first

When asked about “winning,” Belichick said the NFL isn’t a league where everybody gets a trophy. Winning is the goal but that goal is reached with small victories day in and day out.

The New England Patriots have created a culture second to none… Considering the day and age of salary caps and an effort to achieve parity throughout the league, it is one of the greatest dynasties in the history of sports…


It’s actually pretty simple…

Bill Belichick has implemented a system predicated on preparation, adjustments and an ability to communicate a very clear message to his players…