Don’t Listen to Me👂

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Tommy Baseball… 🤷‍♂️

During my senior year at UCLA, I was home for winter break and went over to the Brennan’s house for a big party.

Steve and Beth were two of the coolest parents in town and always threw a helluva BASH. Brent, Brady, Brad and Pat were the 4 incredibly social Brennan kids and their parties never disappointed…

It was there that I ran into a dude named Tommy that I hadn’t seen or really had heard his name all that much since I had graduated high school.

I knew he went to Michigan on a football scholarship, but at that point, his snaps were limited and he was still biding his time.

In high school at Serra, Tommy was the quarterback and a left handed hitting catcher with an absolute freaking hose.  He also just so happened to hit the furthest homer I ever saw hit in a high school game.

The ball landed across the street from St. Francis on top of a planned parenthood building.  Still not sure what was more ironic, that there was a planned parenthood building across the street from my Catholic high school or that Tom Brady hit the furthest homer I ever saw… 🤔

Regardless, I felt strongly about one thing: Tommy Brady needed to be playing baseball and I wasn’t shy about telling him…

“Dude… Enough of this riding pine football bullshit… You need to get your ass back out on the baseball diamond!!!”

Tommy laughed it off and basically told me if he was going to win the full time QB job over Drew Henson, he needed to go ALL IN on football.

That’s exactly what he did, and now 20 years & 9 Super Bowls later, he still hasn’t stopped…

Who knows, Tommy could be just wrapping up a Hall of Fame MLB career with multiple World Series titles, but I’m just guessing it was a good thing he didn’t listen to my ass.