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Recently watched a 10-part documentary about how America was built and in the opening there is a powerful line that captivated my attention and got my Daily Hustle wheels spinning… 

“We transform our dreams into truth.”

Hot damn we do. 💥 

This is a country that was built by dreamers but not just people who had fantasyland wishes… This nation was constructed by people literally willing to sacrifice their lives all in an effort to work towards accomplishing those dreams.

The dream of democracy, the dream of religious freedom, the dream of the financial prosperities in a new world were all things that were not only dreamt of by people arriving in America, they were fought for and their fight is what ultimately made the United States of America a reality.

Because of the sacrifice of those who came before us, we currently live in a period of time where the average citizen does not have to fight (literally) for what has now become the standard rights of the American people… Yes, we have a government and military that continue to operate to preserve the evolving path originally carved out by our forefathers, and it’s our job to recognize their service and be very grateful for it.

But what are WE (the American Jack & Jill) actually fighting for at this point and why are we fighting for it? 

Obviously I can’t speak for you, but what I believe we should ALL be fighting for is to preserve the American spirit…

“How do we do that Professor EB? I just want to sit in my apartment all day, smoke a shit ton of weed, play video games and hope for my next government handout to show up…” 

Well Sammy SuperSoft, that’s why people like you should be exiled from this great nation but that’s for another Daily Hustle… 

What we should be doing is exactly what the majority of Americans who came before us have done…. FIGHT to make our dreams become truths!!!! 

This nation was built on the spirited drive and relentless work that allowed dreams of the past to become truths in the future… We may not have to join the militia, gather our muskets and go head to head on our home turf with the worlds most powerful army, but if we want to make sure the spirit of this country lives on, we have no choice but to continue to dream and then chase the fuck out of them.

At the end of the day, it’s our collective individual dreams that constitute the overall dreams and truths of our country… 

At one point or another in our lives, we have all been dreamers… Some of us have worked our asses off and seen many of our dreams come to fruition but this needs to be an ongoing process and it isn’t done by daydreaming, it’s done by day DOING… 

That has been and always will be the American way. 🇺🇸



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