The EARNING process…

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Was watching the San Jose St vs. Nevada football game recently when San Jose fell behind 31-10 in the 3rd quarter… 

San Jose St responded to make it 31-17 then scored another touchdown to make it 31-24… 

Midway through the 4th quarter, the Brent Brennan led Spartans tied the game 31-31.

Nevada scored a touchdown to make it 38-31, and with just 2 minutes to go, San Jose St came back again to tie it 38-38.

The one thing I have noticed since Brennan has taken over the helm is that his teams don’t quit… EVER.

They have had a couple tough years since Brent (a St. Francis alum and good friend) has been the head coach, but week in and week out they put up a helluva fight.

Nevada got the ball back and kicked a field goal with no time remaining to win the game… On a large text thread of SJSU supporters, Brennan expressed his displeasure with the heartbreaking loss. 

My immediate reaction was that it was an incredible comeback and all part of the learning process…

Then I thought about it for a minute and realized that this game and this season so far for the Spartans has gone well beyond the learning process… They have compiled more wins already than they have had in the previous 2 seasons and shocked the country with a signature win on the road against a traditional SEC powerhouse, Arkansas. 

The learning process is acquiring knowledge through experience and is essential for the development and growth of an individual, team and organization… Yet, our ability to apply that knowledge through action is what constitutes what I would define as the EARNING process.

That’s exactly where the Spartans are… 

They have spent the past two seasons in the trenches getting their ass kicked while immersed in the learning process. This year is different… SJSU has competed in just about every game start to finish and EARNED a few victories along the way.

The EARNING process happens after we have applied what we have already learned from previous success, shortcomings and failure… The EARNING process is about execution, accountability and in-the-moment gut reaction instinctual adjustments.

Sure, we are always learning and adapting to constant change the world throws at us, but in order to navigate the EARNING process, we must be able to apply what we have learned, execute our game plan, and ultimately, understand success isn’t learned, it’s EARNED

Go Spartans!!!!