Living On The Edge

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Was recently on the set of MLB Tonight with Brian Kenny and Hall of Fame’r Jim Thome…

We happened to be talking about Robinson Cano and his lack of hustle, which had drawn all sorts of attention throughout the baseball world.

The week after Cano came under scrutiny, he apparently decided to pick up his running pace…

According to stat cast, Cano legged out a double that week and ran faster than he had in 3 years. 😳

Then, the 3 of us watched Cano hit a ground ball up the middle and once again run full speed down the first base line until…

He pulled up lame. 🤦‍♂️

It was bound to happen…

The problem was that for several years, Robinson Cano has NOT run at full speed, so for the days following his benching for lack of hustle, he busted his ass, but he also asked his body to do something it was not prepared to do.

Eventually, it caught up with him and Cano got served that shitty Denny’s special no athlete ever wants to eat… Moons Over My Hammy. 🍖

I’ve had it before and trust me when I tell you it’s No F*CKING bueno 🤮

When I was with the Arizona Diamondbacks, I made the dumb ass decision to run way too fast during a team running exercise in Spring Training. I surpassed my threshold and twinged my hammy… I then continued to play on it until I eventually tore that puppy off the bone.

Upon watching a replay of Cano, Brian Kenny brought up the fact that I am 43 years old and run over 100 miles at a time, then asked me why Robinson Cano can’t run 90 feet without blowing out???

It’s actually pretty simple… He wasn’t prepared.

Our bodies are capable of just about anything, but IF AND ONLY IF we properly train the body to endure the INTENSE physical demands we put on it.

The only way to run 90 feet at an ALL OUT FULL SEND pace or run 100 plus consecutive miles is by going through an arduous training process that involves months, if not years of training…

Look dudes, we all have a threshold that WE BUILD over time. It’s our job to lay the bricks of that threshold then comprehend exactly where the edge of that threshold is each and every single day.

Ultimately, so long as our goal is to optimize performance and stay healthy, we need to find the edge and f*cking LIVE ON IT…

Without falling off. ‍🧗🏽‍♂️