Enrique vs. Eugene

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We all get lambasted from time to time… Some of us a lot more than others, but nobody is immune to criticism and ridicule. 

Knowing that this is something that all of us deal with, the question then becomes:

What is the best way to respond??? 

Personally, I have had internal conflicts with Enrique (my Humble & Gracious self) and Eugene (my AGGRESSIVE altered EGO) while trying to figure out how best to deal with the so called “haters.”  

Eugene doesn’t like bullies and feels like it’s his job to put them in their place… He believes these bottom dwelling maggots are the root of all evil, and Eugene is prepared to fight whoever he has to in an attempt to ensure civility and justice prevail. Whoever decides to come at Eugene should be very careful. ⚠️If you so much as flick Eugene’s ear, there is a very good chance this dude will knock you the f*ck out. 👊

Then, there is Enrique… 

Through years of philosophical studies and personal experience, Enrique is a spiritual savage… His wisdom and CALM demeanor have taught him that there is a much better way to deal with negative influences in our lives.

As a matter of fact, Enrique believes the best way to respond to naysayers is actually to NOT to respond at all. 

Why would we ever waste our time, energy or effort adding fuel to a fire when we have the ability to put the fire out by doing absolutely nothing?

Enrique knows that not only can our ‘No Response’ put out the fire, but often times, the person that started the fire is so starving for attention that the arrogant, holier than thou, narcissistic dumbass ends up jumping into the flames and burning his or herself alive anyways.

Ultimately, the actions of other people are NOT within our control, but whether we let Enrique or Eugene respond is… 

Choose wisely. 🤔