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In Stillness Is The Key, author Ryan Holiday brings up a fascinating point about lust: 

“At least power and sex and attention are pleasurable… The most common form of lust is envy… The lust for what other people have for the sole reason that they have it…” 

Holiday then referenced this famous Joseph Epstein quote” 

“Of the 7 deadly sins, only ENVY is no fun at all.”

Damn… That’s some disturbing hard TRUTH. 

Both these dudes had great points and I truly believe the majority of us Daily Hustlers are well aware of the destructiveness of envy… 

If there is one thing that I have learned in life, it is that wanting somebody else’s life or possessions is a complete and total waste of time, energy and effort… All of which would be much better used focusing on the things we actually have control over. It’s bad enough when our lustful minds drift afar into our own fantasy land, but to live in somebody else’s, no thank you. 

Simply by nature, so many of us become envious of somebody else, yet oftentimes, the reality is that very same person we are envious of is envious of somebody else, extremely discontent, and oftentimes just a complete and total f*cking WRECK of a person. 

When I first got to the big leagues, I had the opportunity to hang around very successful people that seemingly had EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine in life. On the surface, it would be easy to be envious of many of these dudes… Yet, the more time I hung around I got to see the harsh internal realities that they dealt with and experienced on a daily basis. I realized how fortunate and happy I was living my own life. As a matter of fact, many of their insecurities and levels of dissatisfaction on all fronts were so evident it was just plain sad… 

So now, every time I walk past that SICK ASS mega yacht docked at Chelsea Pier or the G5 sitting on the Truckee airport runway, do I become envious??? 


But that’s the instinctual human nature that we’ve talked about, which results in feelings we have no control over… 

After these ridiculous feelings of lustful envy quickly subside… Guess what?!?!?

We 100% get to control our RESPONSE… 

As much as we fantasize about champagne wishes and caviar dreams, we need to realize there is way more to life and there’s not a single amount of material possessions or money in this world that will buy us happiness.

When I see something really cool or somebody have an incredible amount of success, I simply become inspired and motivated to continue to work my ass off to achieve MY dream… NOT THEIRS.

And as far as owning the mega yacht and G5 are concerned… 

A wise man once told me: “If it floats, flys or f*cks… RENT.”