The F*CK IT life 😅

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For a few years now I have subscribed to a website called “TheFuckItLife.Com” that is run by a European couple that consistently provides light hearted humor, fresh perspectives and fantastic golden nuggets of wisdom…

Just recently, I received one of their newsletters that talked about the invaluable force of gratitude and how impactful it could be even in the most difficult and trying times. 

Obviously, this has been an extremely complex year for just about all of us and it would be very easy to bitch and complain about so many things that have seemingly turned our world upside down… 

John & Gaia don’t ask us to be ignorant of the reality of our situation, they actually encourage us to embrace it… Yet they also demand that we look beyond our perceived problems and dial in on all of the positive things that we should recognize and give our utmost appreciation to… 

“There’s plenty to worry about, stress over, moan about, wish for, mourn for, regret… and so on… But there’s always…ALWAYS Something to be grateful for too, however, we’re feeling.

You don’t have to ignore what’s sh*t, but, occasionally at least, switch your focus.

And THANK THE F**K OUT OF WHAT YOU HAVE, rather than bemoaning what you don’t.

Love and strength,
with profanities when necessary,
to you all,
-John & Gaia” 

Thank you John & Gaia, I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to sign off an email. 🤣



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