Unwrap the Gift of Failure

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We typically assume because we failed at something we are failures…

The proud ego gets its feelings hurt and we want to curl up into a ball with our binkie and cry on Mommy’s lap. That was ok when we were 5 but it’s probably time to put our big boy pants on & grow the f*ck up.

Failure is a gift, and in order to discover its benefits, we must be able to completely unwrap the gift and throw the wrapping paper away…


The Problem:

Nobody enjoys failing and it hurts. We are constantly taking our feelings too personally, and even though this tremendous gift was left at our doorstep, we want nothing to do with it. Even if we do bring it inside the house, we are terrified to unwrap it because we know that it is a gift from failure and will fully expose all of our weaknesses and force us to relive a difficult moment…

The Solution:

Let’s get NAKED….

We must unwrap the gift and fully expose it to the world. By doing this, we will be able learn from failure and confidently charge on in life. Each time we fail, failure is giving us a benchmark as to what is possible. So long as we take that benchmark and use it as a stepping stone, there is no greater gift in the world…

Team Go Hard Task:

Write down the 3 greatest personal failures in your life and then the 3 lessons you were able to draw from your failure…

1) __________________________________________________

2) __________________________________________________

3) __________________________________________________

Then slap yourself in the face and log 3 of your greatest successes, post failures, and how you applied each lesson of failure to each success…

1) __________________________________________________

2) __________________________________________________

3) __________________________________________________

Amazing how life works, isn’t it 🤷‍♂️