Life is fair. 🚴

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“It’s not fair.” 

Every time those 3 precious little words are uttered in my house by one of my 3 lil grommets, a $1 fine is enforced into the Daddy slush fund.

My obvious response is that, of course, “Life is fair.” 

Ultimately, life rewards those who put in the work and dedicate themselves to process… 

Life rewards those who are able to overcome adversity while accepting responsibility for their actions… 

Life rewards those who have a clear vision and a developed game plan of what they want to accomplish… 

Life rewards those who fully comprehend that the single greatest thing we possess is our ability to respond to external situations outside of our control… 

Life rewards those who are able to make individual sacrifices for the overall good and well being of the team… 

Life rewards the people that don’t just talk about making a difference… They f*cking DO IT.

Life is fair and so is F*CK IT FRIDAY…

Every single one of you has the option to become a SAVAGE… 

The only problem is that I am not sure any of you are willing to put in the work? 

F*ck It Friday Workout

Today… We Ride!



Weekend Warrior:


Off the Bench:


Crush the weekend,


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