All bout family

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A few weeks back, we had our annual BWC UCLA Baseball Fantasy Football Draft… 

Throughout the years, this has become a lot less about fantasy football and a lot more about maintaining a brotherhood that was built over 20 years ago.

In life, we do and don’t do things for a variety of reasons, mainly selfish ones.  Typically, we will become disenchanted with something and we happily move on. It would be very easy to put fantasy football in that category for me… The days of being glued to my TV to see if TY Hilton can haul in a meaningless 4th quarter garbage touchdown in a blowout game are over… 

Yet, year after year I continue to grind over fantasy draft previews and scrap together fantasy football lineups week in and week out… Why? 

I can definitely say it’s not because I enjoy the 2am waiver wire scouring sessions when I realize my defense has a bye or my kicker got arrested for having enough booger sugar to make Pablo Escobar jealous… 

My why for playing fantasy football is simple.

It’s the same reason why we often find ourselves doing mundane activities with the family. 

So long as we share experiences, and it really doesn’t matter what those experiences are, we will continue to create bonds and develop relationships.

This specific group of 10 dudes have been through A LOT together and we have all experienced many ups and downs along the way… The AWESOME and humbling thing is that when one of our brothers needs help, EVERYBODY is there for him, and I’m sure as f*ck not talking about fantasy football. 

The reality is that it has never been about the football… 

It’s always been about the family. 👊



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