Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Inflammation So You Can Charge Life Feeling Alive! 🔥

Introducing: The Team GoHard Foot Reflexology Board 👊

If you spend just 7 minutes per day on the Team GoHard Foot Reflexology Board, here's just a few of the benefits you'll experience:

  • Reduced inflammation 💪
  • Improved blood circulation 💉
  • Easier to relax 🧘‍♂️
  • Relieved body pains 😲
  • Better sleep 🛌
  • Improved mood 👍
  • and much more...

Eric Byrnes has been a HUGE proponent for Foot Reflexology for the past 10 years as he transitioned from a career in Major League Baseball into the world of endurance sports... (He only wishes he knew about it when he was playing baseball.)

The Team Go Hard Foot Reflexology Board is used religiously as a staple of Eric's Daily F*It List routine and it has been an absolute game changer. We tend to forget just how BAD ASS the human foot is... Our feet take on unbelievable amounts of force, repeatedly day-in-day-out, and then we do NOTHING for them... 🤔

A single foot contains 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, 250,000 sweat glands, 50+ ligaments & tendons... and not to mention almost 15,000 nerve endings! 🤯

What are you doing to take care of these marvels in human architecture? 🦶

Trust me, do your feet a favor and get one of these bad boys...

The Team GoHard Foot Reflexology Board is here! 👊

I have tried all kinds of different Foot Reflexology boards & mats over the years, and the Team GoHard edition is by far THE BEST. Do you think Team GoHard would have it any other way? It's sturdy, durable and the real wood prongs provide the perfect amount of pressure to your feet.

If you order today, you can get your Team GoHard Footboard for just $49.99 $34.99.

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Once you order, you'll get a short welcome video from yours truly, showing you exactly how I use the board...

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We appreciate your support of Team GoHard and your commitment to CHARGE ON LIVING LIFE FULL OUT...

...and your 🦶 will thank me later. 👊


P.S. These boards are ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL and can be used by Go Hards young and oldIt's not intended to be a perfect fit to your feet, but instead, you just move your feet around the board to trigger the different pressure points.

For instance, if you are dealing with a cold, be sure to position your feet on the board to trigger the sinus reflex point. 👍

PLUS: You're backed by our "GO HARD or GO HOME" Guarantee!

If you don't think the Team GoHard Foot Reflexology Board is F*CKING AWESOME, we will give you your money back... no questions asked.

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Grab Your Foot Reflexology Board Now!

Not only are these boards GREAT for your feet...

This things are total body health tools that can promote better blood flow, relieve body aches & pains, lower stress, and much more!

From helping people with blood disorders to promoting healthier bowel movements💩, it's been CRAZY to hear the different kinds of health benefits people have shared with me from using the Team GoHard Foot Relexology Board...

I am in no way a doctor and can only give you my experience and the experiences others have shared, but I'll say this...

These things are sure worth a try.

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What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is an ancient healing practice, dating back thousands of years ago... It's centered around the principle that there are numerous reflex points on the bottom of our feet that correspond to the different organs and glands in the human body. When consistent pressure is applied to these reflex points, it stimulates our Central Nervous System and creates insane health benefits not just for your feet, but for your entire mind and body...

Not only does it keep your feet nimble and strong, but it also promotes better blood flow, can relieve body aches & pains... and even lowers stress! To learn more about the scientific benefits of Foot Reflexology, check out this article from

This practice is not just for endurance or professional athletes... Foot Reflexology is a health practice that EVERYONE can and should benefit from. I stand on the board for 7 minutes each and every morning, and it leaves me feeling awake, calm and ready to F*CKING CHARGE AND ATTACK THE DAY. It is also great to stand on before hitting the sack, as it circulates the blood and calms the body... and offers the perfect time to decompress from the day.  

Grab Your Foot Reflexology Board Now!

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