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Watch this video below to see how to use your Foot Reflexology Board:

What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is an ancient healing practice, dating back thousands of years ago... It's centered around the principle that there are numerous reflex points on the bottom of our feet that correspond to the different organs and glands in the human body. When consistent pressure is applied to these reflex points, it stimulates our Central Nervous System and creates insane health benefits not just for your feet, but for your entire mind and body...

Not only does it keep your feet nimble and strong, but it also promotes better blood flow, can relieve body aches & pains... and even lowers stress! To learn more about the scientific benefits of Foot Reflexology, check out this article from Foot.com.

This practice is not just for endurance or professional athletes... Foot Reflexology is a health practice that EVERYONE can and should benefit from. I stand on the board for 7 minutes each and every morning, and it leaves me feeling awake, calm and ready to F*CKING CHARGE AND ATTACK THE DAY. It is also great to stand on before hitting the sack, as it circulates the blood and calms the body... and offers the perfect time to decompress from the day.  


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