Founder’s Mentality

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Recently began reading a book called Founder’s Mentality by Chris Zook & James Allen that explores how a certain mindset has had a resounding and lasting impact on many of the world’s most successful companies… 

In the very first chapter, 3 main traits that define the “Founder’s Mentality” were exposed and laid out in all of their glory… 

  1. Insurgent mission 
  2. Owners mindset 
  3. Obsession with the front line 

All too often I’ll read or listen to a book and it takes hundreds of pages and many hours to get to the good stuff… Maybe it’s my Attention Deficit Disorder hunger, but I LOVE when books don’t screw around with foreplay and get right to the meat & potatoes… 

On that note, LET’S EAT. 🍽

Per the book’s instruction, I actually went to the Bain & Company’s website and found a fantastic chart that made a shit ton of sense…

In the middle was a red circle that said “Founder’s Mentality” and then was surrounded by insurgency, front line obsession and owners mindset.

Branching off of each one of those are 3 more categories that were laid out as follows:

Insurgency – Bold Mission, Spikiness & Limitless Horizon

Daily Hustle translation – We must have a clear & powerful mission while maintaining a “get the fuck out of our way” attitude that cannot and will not be stopped… EVER. 

Owners Mindset – Aversion to Bureaucracy, Bias For Action, Strong Cash Focus.   

Daily Hustle translation – Save the fake news, political propaganda bullshit and corrupt elections for the disgustingly flawed governments of the world… We are here to kick ass, take names and make a boatload of money the good old fashion way… We’ll fucking EARN it. 

Frontline Obsession – Relentless Experimentation, Customer Advocacy, Frontline Empowerment.

Daily Hustle translation – We will get into the trenches and just like Al Pachino said in “Any Given Sunday,” we will fight for every gosh damn inch… Our ability to adapt & adjust is not just something we do but it is our greatest strength. Lastly, there is no other way to describe our customers than the fact that they are gigantic fucking rockstars!!! 

Our customers are the talent and lifeblood of the entire operation, so if they need a mani/pedi, magnum of Dom and a mound of cocaine WE WILL DELIVER (so long as they are in Oregon) because it’s legal and our founder’s mentality stops at nothing within the confines of the law of course. 👍


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