Watch The Gauge ⛽️ 👀

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“Listen to your body” is a phrase that I have heard, repeated and tried to adhere to for years… 

Yet, what exactly does that mean?

When we get into an electric car, we will know how much of a charge we have by looking at the gauge and then adjust the way we drive accordingly… 

When we don’t have a full charge and go too fast, we will inevitably burn through all of our juice before we reach our destination.

As much as this pains me to say this, our only way to get where we need to go is by slowing down and conserving energy output… 

Sure, if we happen to be fully charged up and don’t have too far to go, we can step on the accelerator and let that bad boy EAT… Yet if we are less than full charge headed from Sac to Lake Tahoe, there is a good chance the battery craps out at the top of the 80 going over Donner Pass (it’s only happened once). 🤦‍♂️

So what’s my point to all of this? 

In any race, including the race of life, we need to know how much juice we have and figure out a way to manage our effort accordingly…

Then, it is our ability to adjust and manage our power output that will ultimately determine whether or not we reach our destination.

Racing Ironman a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice 3 aspiring GO HARDS blow by me in the early stages of the bike giving it all they had. Their effort was courageous, inspiring and had me wanting to try to hop on the 3 person train ride they had rolling. 🚂 

I loved the FULL SEND efforts and their willingness to suffer, but when 2 of these dudes were swallowed up and spit out by mile 90, it made me realize they had no f*cking clue what kind of charge they had in the tank… Then, when I passed the third one who was walking on mile 2 of the run, I realized one or both of these two things must have happened to all 3 guys.. 

  1. EGO took over as they got in a pissing contest with each other. 
  2. They had absolutely no gauge to manage their effort. 

In cycling, a power meter can help manage effort to ensure we don’t blow out… Through training, we figure out what our ideal average number would be for a 1 hour ride, 2 hour ride or 5 hour ride. and then try to stay as close to that number as possible.

Regardless, if we are driving an electric car, riding a bike, or simply living life, we all need to have our own internal power meter so we make sure we got enough juice to bring us home. 

Just make sure to keep your eyes on the gauge. ⛽️👀