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Throughout life, we inevitably are going to become frustrated with people and cast blame on certain individuals for the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness that transpire because of their overall incompetent nature… 

We waste all sorts of time and energy focusing on whose fault it was and we demand that these people be held accountable.

This is all fine but what’s not ok is when we make shit personal and lose site and delay resolution of the actual issue at hand… 

I get it, we have high expectations of our peers but just because they couldn’t get the job done doesn’t mean we should lose focus of the task that still needs to be complete. 

People are going to come in and out of our lives… some will offer incredible value while others will bring absolutely nothing to the table. The fate of those who come empty handed is already predetermined, and unless they make drastic changes in their lives, they inevitably will be fucked but that’s not our problem, it’s theirs…

That said, what is our problem is the issue that needs to be addressed and the actions that must be taken… Let’s just make sure to not let the failures of others and our disappointment with them delay us from figuring out a way to GET THE JOB DONE.



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