Get Scared 😱

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Just read a book called Better Together by Simon Sinek and simply put, this short illustration book is a fucking masterpiece.

The general theme is indicative of the title itself but the depth of the book is so NEXT LEVEL it’s been tough for me to wrap my head around all of the golden nuggets of wisdom offered in the simplest yet complex thought provoking form… It will make you laugh, cry and dig deep into your cranium all at the exact same time. 

Because I don’t really know where to start I randomly chose this one gem to put underneath the microscope…

“If the challenge we face doesn’t scare us, then it’s probably not that important.” 

Boom. 💥 

Think about all of the great accomplishments we have achieved in our lives and we often reflect back and focus on the results and the work that we put in to be able to achieve those results… 

Yet, what we so often fail to remember is how scared we were while facing that challenge head on… The fear was real but we were able to overcome that fear by immersing ourselves in the process. 

We as human beings hate being uncomfortable which just so happens to be a direct byproduct of fear itself… As we get older we become even less inclined to take risks because our fear of being uncomfortable only increases with age. Throughout the course of our lives we need to constantly challenge ourselves in order to truly live, but as Sinek so brilliantly points out, if our challenges don’t scare us “then it’s probably not that important.” 

Bottom line, let’s keep challenging & let’s keep scaring. 👻 



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